Dillon Gee Will Surprise Mets Fans in 2013

Hear me out on this one! I think that after Jon Niese the Mets most reliable pitcher in 2013 will be Dillon Gee. Who knows what we can expect from Johan? I do think that Matt Harvey will be exciting to watch, and I look forward to watching him mature as a starter. I just have a hunch that Dillon Gee will be super reliable this year.

His 6-7 record, along with a 4.10 ERA posted in an injury shortened 2012 is misleading in my opinion. I’m not saying that Dillon Gee is primed for a 20 win season here, but in 17 starts for the Mets in 2012 he really only had two starts that you can say were bad. Dillon Gee has never been hyped at all in his baseball career, but I’m optimistic about his 2013 season. Sky Sperling over at Razzball agrees with me that Dillon Gee will have a surprisingly good 2013 season.


  1. Baxter fan says

    Nice post. I think you’re right, but I was hoping I could swipe Gee a little later in my draft. I’m hoping he is still a sleeper at draft time, Once Gee gets a full season under his belt, I think we will be talking next year about four solid starters… Neise, Gee, Wheeler and Harvey.


  1. […] to his previous two starts he looked downright fantastic. I wrote a post back in February about my expectations for Gee coming into the 2013 season, and I stand by what I wrote. Dillon Gee is never going to be your staff ace, but do I think he can […]

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