The R.A. Dickey Hangover Effect: Coincidence or Reality?

I read a pretty interesting post today titled, “Missing Dickey Most: Guy After Him”. This was an article featured in the Wall Street Journal by Michael Salfino. The main argument that Salfino has is that the Mets not only gave up the NL Cy Young Award winner this¬†off-season¬† but essentially gave up a second ace pitcher. No he wasn’t talking about Matt Harvey, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, or even Johan Santana but simply any Met pitcher who threw the day after Dickey against the same team. The pitcher to start the next game after R.A. Dickey last season posted a 2.38 ERA. That is even better than what R.A. actually did himself, hence Salfino’s argument that the Mets have lost two Cy Young winners this winter. Regardless of who threw the next day, all of their numbers are incredible. Heck, even Jeremy Hefner had a 2.16 ERA when throwing after Dickey! I suppose Dickey’s knuckler threw opposing lineups off so badly that they couldn’t even regroup 24 hours later.

While I find this statistic interesting, I’m not sure I totally buy into it. The sample sizes are relatively small with the highest being a 42 inning sample. I also think that when guys like Jon Niese and Matt Harvey are dealing, they’re dealing with or without R.A. confounding opposing hitters the night before. I did think this was a very thought provoking post written by Michael Salfino though, and I think you should check it out on your own. I guess that numbers don’t lie, but the optimist in me is hoping that this is more of a coincidence than it is a reality.


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    The injuries have been a terlibre blow to the psyche, but all things considered the Mets have done a reasonable job on offense. If everyone playing at the end of May stayed healthy they would have had to hit at superhuman levels to stay ahead of the staff (esp. the LOLpen).Taking the long view, Sandy dropped money and unproductive players this past off-season and the Mets are feeling it. But here’s hoping that Johan can come back healthy and that Sandy can find more starting pitching. The best bullpens are sparingly used.

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